Fractional sales management is a good fit for B2B sales teams of less than ten. B2C companies can also benefit but the higher the sales transaction and the longer the sales cycle the better. Here are just a few examples of companies that have benefited from fractional sales management:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distributors
  • Engineering/Architectural Firms
  • Software Developers
  • Other IT companies
  • Staffing companies
  • Construction (roofing, home builders, paving, remodelers, etc.)
  • Trucking

Regardless of industry, any company that has “leakage” in the sales department can benefit. Here’s a few of the areas we see profit leakage:

  • Closable deals lost due to poor sales process or salesperson skills
  • Salesperson turnover due to under-management or under-coaching
  • Poor hiring process and systems that lead to under-performing reps
  • Organizational stress caused by “not knowing where the next deal will come from”
  • Under-use of technological sales tools. Companies have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on this item alone and increased sales simultaneously. We realize this sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.
  • Failure to create a system that religiously seeds best practices amongst the entire sales force


Despite the many benefits of fractional sales managers, it’s not for every company. Yes, a part-time sales manager can provide most of the benefits of a rock star sales manager for a fraction the cost, but there are some important challenges of the model. The biggest adjustment for clients is losing the “babysitting effect.” Let’s face it; it’s very comforting knowing that Old Bob down the hall is in the office every day babysitting the sales function and sales people. He may not be adding much value, but at least he’s at his desk all day. A fractional sales manager is only in the office ½ a day a week. By definition, the fractional sales manager cannot do all the tasks which a full-time person can. However, the fractional sales manager has the talent to accomplish objectives that are beyond the skill of Old Bob. That’s the trade off. The company that needs skill applied to the sales function, not just time, will benefit the most.

Another issue that can creep into a part-time sales management engagement is speed of implementation. The sales manager creates a plan that will revolutionize sales results and the owner wants the entire plan done NOW. It’s understandable, however, impossible to accomplish in a few hours a week. All the great plans will get implemented, but in due time. Savvy fractional sales managers have learned to remind the business owner that they have gone years without these initiatives, so a few months more isn’t that long to wait for massive change.


Below are some of the direct and indirect benefits you could expect from an interim sales manager.

Direct benefits

  • Increased lead flow
  • Implement dozens of best practices from high-performing sales teams
  • Create and upgrade the Proven and Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP)
  • Implement technological tools, tricks, and process to lower sales costs and increase sales
  • Improve salesperson retention and performance with individualized coaching sessions
  • Create a predictable sales pipeline so future sales levels can be predictable and accurate

Indirect benefits

  • Create and manage the company-wide sales process so salespeople cannot “twist management’s arm” by threatening to quit and walk out with the sales process
  • Reduce time demands upon the CEO so their valuable time can be redeployed to a higher and better use
  • Reduce turnover
  • Create a performance sales culture
  • Demonstrate to the entire company that the sales function is important (via the investment in sales management)
  • If desired, technological leverage can create an opportunity to reduce dependence upon a weak salesperson to the level the person can be redeployed or released

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